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Personal Training

Personal Training To Change Your Body and Health

  • Address dysfunctional movements

  •  Improve posture

  •  Increase muscle mass

  •  Drop body fat

  •  Reduce risk of injury

  •  Improve energy

  •  Get better sleep

Functional patterns exercises work to improve standing, walking gait, running gait and throwing motion while decompressing your joints.  By optimizing these four basic human functions, achieving better health is an inevitability.  This is a truly integrative approach helps you get out pain and bad patterns while get stronger and healthier. 

" I was spending a lot of time hunched over my computer or driving my car, but I thought that if I kept mountain biking and trail running, that would make up for all the sitting. Unfortunately, all the sitting led to body imbalances that affected my posture. I made it through my first trail ultramarathon, but over the course of the race, I slowly fell apart. My back hurt, and I ended up with a serious case of lower hamstring tendinitis. After months of PT, I learned that my body-mechanics needed a tune up if I was going to finish an ultra-distance uninjured and feeling good. Karen started teaching me functional patterns early last spring. I struggled at first. Despite all the work I had been doing to improve my posture and movement patterns, I still had a long way to go (I still do). However, with Karen’s help, I found myself able to run pain-free for longer distances, and I’ve finished several ultra-distance runs in the past year. Karen knows her stuff, and despite having to do all of our sessions virtually, she identified areas of my body and my movements that needed work and gave me the tools to fix them." E. Allen

Personal Training - Functional Patterns: List
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