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Myofascial Release Therapy/Biosynchronistics®

Fascia is the new 'buzz' word in bodywork therapies and it really should be.  Fascia is a type of connective tissue that wraps around all of the muscles, organs, veins, arteries, etc in the body to allow for glide among body parts and to provide stability and structure. 

If we do repetitive movements or chronic postural positioning, the fascia will thicken and bound down (an adhesion) where it is needed to provide for more stability.  This adhesion then has the effect of limiting movement in the tissues that can effect body parts far removed from the local adhesion.  Injuries and accidents will also cause adhesions to form. 

The link below is for an excellent Ted Talk explaining fascia and how one adhesion (we all have many) can effect the whole body and cause pain and restricted movements.

Myofascial release therapy/Biosynchronistics® works to release these fascial adhesions to help restore body alignment and mobility.

This is achieved by looking at the whole body and the entirety of forces or impacts that the body has had to compensate for over one's lifetime, including specific injuries, overuse, everyday tasks, etc.

This therapy is done with the client wearing comfortable clothing as different positions (sitting, standing, lying down) will be utilized to facilitate the releases.  You have a 'lifetime' of adhesions in your body by the time you come to see me, so each person's treatment process will be different.  It make take few sessions or more to unravel deeply rooted patterns.

"I went to see Karen based on a recommendation from a friend when I was literally on the floor due to back pain. Karen responded to me right away, and was very flexible with fitting me into her schedule. After an hour I was able to move again and left with several tips regarding my posture (the root cause).

Following her advice, and continuing to work with her, I have gotten taller (seriously, I got back a half an inch), and have unraveled several other issues. One surprise after my first appointment was the knee pain I had lived with for years was gone. I didn’t even mention it, but Karen worked found it.

I was not familiar with biosynchronistics before this, but I would highly recommend it over traditional massage for getting or keeping your body healthy and functioning." C. Weigold

"My son is a young competitive cyclist who suffered from back pain for nearly a year.  We had reached out to several professionals in the cycling community who were unable to help.  Karen was recommended to us from a fellow cyclist.  After one visit, she not only determined the cause of the pain, but taught stretching exercises to alleviate it and help prevent future injury.  Karen is attentive and gentle in her therapeutic massage.  She listens to her clients and works with them to strengthen and heal.  I highly recommend Body Sage Massage Therapy.

Thank you again for all you have done.  In Owen’s words, it’s a “game changer”." K. Goguen

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